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Space Availability - IdeaSpace

MakerLab Reservation System at IdeaSpace

Reserve MakerLab equipment for two purposes:
1) MakerLab Badging Appointments:
     Requires making both a Badging Appointment and an Equipment Reservation to complete the required training on how to use the equipment to earn the badge. 
2) Equipment Reservations: 
     Once you have earned the badge, then you can reserve the equipment to use on your own at IdeaSpace.
     To reserve the equipment, click on the equipment you want to reserve, add it to the cart, and click Checkout.
If you have questions, email or call IdeaSpace at 540-372-1144.x7800

Directions to make a MakerLab Badging appointment:
  • Step 1:
    • Make a badging appointment. Click on the block corresponding to the requested start time. A booking entry will appear below the calendar. 
    • All badging appointments are 2 hours. 
    • Use the trash can icon to delete your reservation and start over. 
  • Step 2:
    • Click on the "Add Equipment" button to reserve the piece of equipment on which you would like to be badged. For 3D printer bading appointments please only select the Dremel printers. 
    • If the equipment is not available at the time you have requested, click on the back arrow and then use the trash can icon to delete your reservation and select another time.
  • Click Checkout
  • Fill in the form and then Submit Times to proceed.
   Available    Your Booking    Unavailable/Padding